Friday, January 26, 2007

um... there's no real theme to this one.

for some reason my job has decided to go and get all busy on me (WTF, people, it's friday afternoon and i'm still somewhat jet-laggy and tired), so in lieu of a proper post i give you photos of a new friend that i made while in switzerland:

(we look very happy together, no?)

my brother and i also contemplated new careers as full-time ice-people models:

...but thought that might be a bit chilly and decided to just stick with being sunglasses models instead:

by the way, speaking of new careers, i spent a majority of my day today interviewing prospective job candidates for an opening we have on our team, and i have just a little tip to those of you out there that may be contemplating a job search in your near future: when you send your resume to your prospective employers, make sure there aren't any typos on there. the "skills" section of your resume should read just like that, "skills," because "skillls" just makes you look kinda careless. and stupid. and this means you are not going to get my vote for the job.

sorry, sucka. better luck next time.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe "skills" was a reference to Napolean Dynamite? In which case, that would be a solid and resounding YES from my corner :)


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