Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i got nothin

actually, i have a lot to say, just no time to say it -- work has officially gone into "oh shit" mode and i will be spending most of my time here over the next week or two.

...which means that the swiss updates, austin-based adventures and miscellaneous stories to will have to wait for another time.

but randomly, you know how on long plane rides? you start to get a little stir crazy? maybe you need to move around a bit, stretch your legs, just get out of your chair for a bit? sure, i get it. but must you really do your entire calisthenic routine in the aisle right next to me? lunges, quad stretches, toe-touching, the whole deal? because that's what this guy did on my plane ride back from switerland. and i really didn't need to see his lumpy ass that up-close... and don't know if i'll ever recover from the experience.

it's just strange how people (maybe it's an american thing) are so concerned about personal boundaries/space... but when they're thrown together in certain forced-closeness situations (like a long plane ride) some people tend to throw caution out the window. i mean, think about NYC. there are a shit ton of people crammed into one tiny-ass space. and sure, you see people jogging along the hudson or doing stretches on a park bench. but do you see people doing push-ups on the subway? yoga on a street corner? no, because it's a public place, and the majority of us are too embarrassed to do such personal things in front of others.

that didn't stop this guy though, who also spent about 20 minutes of the time we spent sitting on the runway picking his nose. and i don't mean a surreptitious fingertip grazing the nostril surface. i mean knuckle-deep index-finger action, complete with inner swirling for better angling, a visual review of his find, and a casual flicking of said find onto the grimy carpet floor.

gross! go stretch in the back while waiting in line for the bathroom and then pick your nose in the privacy of the bathroom like all of the other normal people.


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