Sunday, April 09, 2006

sunday in review

the day started off on such a promising note. got a good amount of sleep, woke up to a beautifully sunny day. dashed out the door to finally get my hair cut (complete with great scalp massage and neck massage). met my friend joyce's cousin for a fantastic brunch at an italian restaurant downtown where we quickly realized we knew someone in common and gossiped away happily over bottomless mimosas (for $5!!). drove up to north austin to check out a used bike that a co-worker of mine is selling. realized that said bike is actually a great schwinn bike, light enough to carry, complete with built-in pump and new gel seat. happily purchased the bike, put it in my car and started heading home with plans of a long sunny bike ride before sitting down to do my taxes.

but then. THEN. i was coming to a light, about to merge on the highway. the car in front of me stopped kind of abruptly and i had to brake really hard to avoid a collision, coming within a few inches of his bumper but breathed a sigh of relief that nothing happened. next thing i know, BAM! four-car fender-bender. car #1 was stopped at the light. i was car #2 and had to brake hard to avoid hitting him, but braked and came to a complete stop without touching him. car #3 behind me did the same thing. then stupid car #4 comes barreling along and plows into car #3, causing a chain reaction through all four cars.

so we all pull over to the side of the road to inspect the damage and start exchanging information. i didn't realize that someone had already called the cops, and car #1 started badgering me for my info. the inhabitants of car #1 pissed me off for several reasons. first of all, his car had the last damage of all of us, yet insisted on getting my info right away for the TINY SCRATCH on his tail light. i told him that i hadn't actually hit him, i had indeed braked hard but had come to a complete stop before being rear-ended and was subsequently pushed into him. he immediately told me it didn't matter, that when it comes to chain reactions like this, each car is responsible for the car they rear-end, so i was responsible for his damage whereas he, being first, was responsible for nothing (as if someone had died and made him the greasy-haired God of traffic laws). also, i shouldn't be fooled by the small scratch, b/c sometimes, when you're in a car accident, especially with these newer cars (umm, he was driving like a 92 infiniti), there can be internal damage inside (OH REALLY. PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME, O WISE ONE. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW THAT BEFORE).

of course by the time the cops showed up they set his ugly ass right and assigned the blame to car #4, who will be responsible for all the damages. and hey, to each their own, but if you want my opinion, long and lanky hair that dangles greasily past your shoulders, ugly silver feather-ish earrings that match your wife's (or girlfriend's, or whatever), skin that looks like it hasn't been washed in since february and a know-it-all attitude DO NOT A GOOD LOOK MAKE. ew. please go away. you're hurting my eyes.

the kicker - the woman who was in the passenger seat of the car at fault noticed my MD tags and asked if i was new to town. when i confirmed that yes, indeed, i'm quite new to town, she said "well, welcome to austin traffic!"

um. it's a sunny sunday afternoon. there is no traffic. you fools just weren't fast enough on the uptake and have now caused trouble to three other cars who did the right thing, so don't try to blame it all on the non-existent fucking TRAFFIC. oh, and you want to talk to me about traffic? let's see if your ass would last ONE EXIT on the capital beltway, you stupid morons in the oversized SUV. please go away. your stupidity is offending me.

grr. and now i am doing my taxes. and found out that stupid H&R block is charging me hidden fees. don't get me started.

all i can say is, if this week doesn't start getting better soon, don't be surprised if i buy an emergency flight to DC to go hide at my parents' house and eat my mom's cooking.

oh, and can i just say? that i look like i am driving a TOTAL clunker these days. poor little rice rocket. what with the massive dings and dents from being schelpped from DC, the fact that she had to sit there for two wks not being driven b/c of the lost key, and now the hanging-off bumper, she's in bad shape these days... =P


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