Friday, March 31, 2006


burnt toast and coffee time. tonight i had a bridget jones moment, “where my only major relationship is with a bottle of wine.” this week has officially kicked my arse, so i made the official decision to make it a blockbuster night. i stopped by whole foods after work (at like 8:00 mind you… who works until 8 pm on a fri night? i mean really) and picked up a nice bottle of argentinian wine (mmm... malbec), a little spinach salad, and a slice of pizza with a lovely medley of toppings like eggplant, garlic, spinach, and goat cheese. i drove home, put in some sweats, and settled in for a nice, relaxing evening.

once home, i poured myself a generous glass of wine and popped in my beloved sound of music DVD whilst munching on my fresh salad and chewy slice of pizza. you may laugh at me for my choice of movie, but i have been meaning to watch this since my trip to salzburg this past winter and just haven’t found the time… you know how quaint and lovely the town looks in the movie? it really is like that. i fondly thought back to my uber-tourist moments on The Official Sound of Music tour, recalling the mondsee cathedral where the wedding was shot, the picture i took in front of the gazebo, the red-roofed nonnberg abbey, etc… i grew up watching this movie nearly every single day of my childhood, and it never fails to put me in a good mood. oh, the romance when they dance in the courtyard! the fun of the yodelling during the puppet show! the sweet innocence when liesl gets her first kiss (stupid rolf. he sucks).

the best line of the movie: “it’s been so cold lately, they turned blue!” also. if and when i do the whole marrying thing, i'll be damned if someone sings about “how do you solve a problem like jennnnifer” at my wedding. i mean really. you won’t find me walking down the aisle while someone calls me a will of a wisp and a clown. hell freaking no.

want to hear my oh-so-exciting wknd plans? want to? tomorrow i will move all my stuff to a second floor unit that is hopefully not next-door to a firearm-toting lady who discusses said firearms with entirely too much freedom for my taste. then i will catch up on some work (hopefully by the pool?). then hopefully i will find someone to have a drink with. and then on sunday (after sleeping in, i hope) i will fly to miami for yet another business trip.

new york, miami, and austin all in one week… it’s how we ballers do.

now, back to my bottle of wine (which is almost gone... hmm... maybe i should have bought two) and the rest of my beloved movie… i bid you adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieuuuu.


At 2:54 PM, Blogger McCoy said... really bored at work, please ignore your work and update so that i have something to occupy 5 minutes of my time. thank you.


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