Thursday, March 01, 2007

yeah yeah yeah self-serving blah blah blah

in lieu of a real post, i offer you a brief plug:

my friend dave's CD, the shanghai restoration project, which up until recently was only available for purchase via itunes... is now on! and you should go! buy it! leave positive reviews! revel in his talent and the fact that purchasing this CD means that you can hear not only me but the lovely di johnston as well!

here are some additional exciting facts about the tracks:

- Introduction (1936) ~ theme song for upcoming worldwide Louis Vuitton advertisement campaign (Apr. 2007)
- Jade Buddha Temple ~ iTunes Japan Single of the Week (Nov. 2006)
- Miss Shanghai ~ featured on NBC’s “9.99” (Oct. 2006)
- The Bund ~ featured on ABC’s “The Evidence” (Jun. 2006)
- Babylon of the Orient ~ promotional track included in Sandisk’s Sansa e250 .mp3 players (May 2006)
- Lu Xun ~ featured in Rhapsody’s “Play Back the Night” advertisement campaign (Feb. 2006)

(we will now return you to your regularly-scheduled blogging)


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