Tuesday, December 05, 2006

to put it elegantly, holy crap

if you ever have the chance to watch the dixie chicks perform live, GO DIRECTLY TO THE CONCERT, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 -- for they are freaking amazing. amazing, i tell you!!

i made the last-minute decision to go watch them @ the frank erwin center last night (UT's basketball stadium, it reminded me of going to the outkast concert my second year of college at UVA's old u-hall stadium) and let me tell you, friends, they did not disappoint. first of all, natalie maines was surprisingly hilarious. she had all this funny quips about britney and k-fed and paris hilton that was sprinkled appropriately throughout the concert in a way that was amusing and kept things lively but didn't take away from their performance...

... which, to put it succinctly, rocked. their harmonies work so well together and they are all such talented musicians and they give such a great performance. there were definitely a few songs that gave me chills, which is pretty impressive when you consider the fact that i was practically sitting on top of the roof. i find it amazing how people can forge a connection with you when they're standing on a stage under bright lights and seem so far away.

so, in summary, yay for the dixie chicks and their ability to put on kick-ass shows. and their ability to realize that george bush is stupid and stick up for that belief despite stupid crazy dumb americans threatening them with crazy shit.

on a completely unrelated note that i am only including because i thought it was funny and this is my blog so there, i had a silly conversation with the lovely diane-marie about the ridiculousness that is business jargon. she had objected to my use of the phrase "key deliverables" in my last post, so i shot back with the following:

"you know you love the key deliverables. and the net net of situations. and when you have to close the loop on something, but you don't want to re-invent the wheel, so let's you just have to keep your eye on the eight-ball and move forward."

one of my old co-workers back in DC had this game called "bullshit bingo" where you had all these stupid business phrases in the grid and you had to keep track of which phrases were used during a meeting and the first people to receive five in a row got to yell "bullshit bingo!"

that game sounds fun.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous erica said...

very jealous indeed (of the dixie chicks concert, not the lame business jargon).

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Mom101 said...

Ooh, jealous here as well. Particularly since I don't know how much they play 'round these parts. Then again, considering their latest movie, it's very possible that they have more welcoming crowds in NYC than they ever did in Tx - Austin being the exception of course.

Thank you SO much for delurking and for the wonderful comment at my place. I'm always happy to meet a fellow ad whore/spelling stickler/cool blogger chick.


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