Monday, December 04, 2006

behold! she lives!

i swear that i haven't dropped off the face of the earth. really, i was just offended that no one laughed at my lame jokes and chose to hide in the corner and nurse my wounded ego instead of posting updates.

but i've emerged from the corner, so fresh and so clean clean, and am back to bring you all up to speed on the joy ride that is my life. that is, if the joy ride looks something like this:
  1. come into work early
  2. leave work late
  3. work hard
  4. focus on one key project and watch as other work piles up
  5. frantically try and get key deliverables out the door
  6. notice lack of overall progress
  7. notice lack of contribution from key colleagues
  8. begin the frequent cursing and rending of garments
  9. take frustration out on unsuspecting colleague
  10. get it done already and go home

it was one of those please-kill-me-now weeks where you're really not sure if you're going to get everything done but hell as long as friday is around the corner you're really not complaining.

and thus the wknd began. fri night involved some much-needed post-work vegging in front of the television (abc family was running a harry potter marathon, which pleased me immensely) and then a promised appearance at a high-end birthday party. people, this birthday party was so high-end it had a theme: a country club bash. and the costumes did not disappoint. there were tennis whites, there was plaid, there was much argyle-ing and pearl-ing and oh-dahling-have-you-seen-the-pool-boy-ing. it felt like my college years all over again, as i dug around my jewelry box for my tiffany's bracelets and pulled out the pearl studs and re-introduced my cable-knit sweaters to my button-down shirts.

sat involved the usual sleeping in, cleaning of apt, running of errands, and jogging of the town lake trail. sat night brought me delicious gastronomic adventures in the form of interior mexican cuisine @ manuel's, followed by a fantastic U2 cover band at an irish pub. sun brought... well, more work. some more sleeping in, some more cleaning, and then a few hours at the office. because, you know, nothing says "weekend" like a few hours of catching up at the ol' office. didn't you receive the memo?

there was also much deep-thinking and navel-gazing and soul-searching and daydreaming and wondering about the meaning of life, but again, nothing says "weekend" like a little self-doubt, no?

and thus begins another week. one which promises to be marginally less horrible, what with the prospects of a dixie chicks concert (tonight, although since it IS texas, maybe the stadium will be empty in protest of their gasp! liberal leanings) and a much more manageable workload. huzzah for small victories, indeed.


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

key deliverables?!?!?!?! i HATE business jargon. and i know you do, too, which makes it even FUNNIER. i'm so glad you called from the chicks concert even though i couldn't tell who they were.


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