Friday, November 17, 2006

holy lame-o batman

sorry i haven't been posting much. you would have cried fat tears of boredom if i had indeed decided to post everyday, b/c you'd have been reading entries like "hi. today i went to work. i was really tired from all the travel, so i cleaned email and did timesheets all day. then i went home and cooked dinner" or "hi. today i went to work. i had a lot of meetings, and then i almost killed a few people and jumped off a tall building, but aside from that no new news. cheerio!" or "hi. today i went to work. then i came home and cleaned my fish bowl and it smelled like rancid ass. i was sad. but i bought some new bowl cleaner and am hopeful it will mitigate the issue of the rancid ass odor. wahoo wa!"

boring, right?

oh but it gets better.

so the entry for yesterday would have started off on a very similar boring note. hi. today i went to work. i had a few big meetings and some stressful things but otherwise it was fun. i had some delicious vegetable lasagna for lunch. then i went to watch a movie with some friends. it was cold outside. [insert typical joke about texans not being able to handle the cold here] then i went home and watched the DVR'ed grey's anatomy [insert sandra oh joke here].

still bored, right?

prepared to get even bored-er.

because last night? whilst snuggled up in the loving embrace of my wonderful bed? i had this dream?


holy crap. it doesn't get any lamer than that, does it? fast times over here in ATX, people. aren't you sad you're missing out?


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bravo. best post EVER.


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