Monday, September 17, 2007

my wknd, or, what $150 + living in austin will get you

jen's very lazy* 2007 ACL lineup:

joss stone (entertaining)
M.I.A. (great show)
gotan project (new one for me-- v. sexy argentinian band by way of paris)
bjork (love how weirdly unique she is)
killers (surprisingly good)

damien rice (super intense)
indigo girls (always good)
arcade fire (freaking amazing)

regina spektor/amos lee (preferred amos lee)
wilco (very good, I didn't know them that well before)
the decemberists (victims of crappy sound system)
bob dylan (historic but his voice is shot to hell)

*lazy means that I wasn't hard core enough to spend the entire day there. had I been more hard core this list would have been much, much longer but hey, I was happy with this list.


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Mine was:

Peter, Bjorn & John
Joss Stone
LCD Soundsystem
Queens of the Stone Age
Gotan Project
The Killers

Back Door Slam
Paolo Nutini
Cold War Kids
Damien Rice
Devotchka (Paste party)
Decemberists (Paste party)

The National
Ben Kweller
Bloc Party
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
My Morning Jacket
Ghostland Observatory


At 1:20 PM, Blogger jen said...

[an IM conversation btwn me and kelly that is too funny not to post]

Jennifer Kim [1:16 PM]:
how was common?
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
i was all psyched
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
but then got lazy
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
and was mad at myself
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
b/c i love him
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
ha, did you see my comment?
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
well, it was hysterical
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
because you knwo acl
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
all white people?
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
it's 58,000 white people
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
and then a few asians and some latinos and like three black people
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
i love common though. plus i think he's hot
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
so common says "everyone raise your fists for unity"
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
and everyone did
Kelly Moon [1:17 PM]:
except john t and i
Jennifer Kim [1:17 PM]:
Kelly Moon [1:18 PM]:
i leaned over to him and said "i find it really ironic that an audience that's 99% white people are raising their fists for unity"
Kelly Moon [1:18 PM]:
he said "that's exactly why I'm not raising mine"
Jennifer Kim [1:18 PM]:
oh you subversive kids you

At 2:24 PM, Blogger L Sass said...

Dude, Mr. Robert Zimmerman didn't have much of a voice to begin with! Love his songs, prefer for other artists to sing 'em!

Sounds like a great weekend, though.

At 6:48 PM, Anonymous lix said...

yay bjork! i think i'm going to see common in b'more with p-mattingly. woot!

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Paula said...

YAY Arcade Fire! (another great thing about Canada)

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous kat said...





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